If God Exists, So Can I



The whole idea of this series stemmed from a friend asking me "What do you do when someone doesn't believe that you're non-binary?" Later, I wondered what would happen if I looked it up online and the first search suggestions I got when searching "What to say to someone who doesn't believe..." - was naturally - "in God." I then found that there were many help pages for faithful Christians, confronting atheists, but almost no resources for trans people facing bigotry.

Here are a few words from an article called: «How to Talk to Atheists with Clarity and Confidence» by Brandon Vogt

"...Scientific evidence isn’t the only type of evidence. Many truths that exist we cannot prove through physical evidence. For instance, we don’t have physical evidence that life is meaningful or that murder is wrong. Of course, we understand these statements to be true, but not because we have found physical evidence to support them. We believe these truths on the basis of another sort of evidence.

The same holds for the existence of God. Whether you believe God exists or not, He is, by definition, immaterial and transcendent. He is immaterial because He is not composed of physical matter, not made of material stuff like you and me. ... Does that mean it is impossible to demonstrate that God exists? No. It simply means that science is not the right means, just as a metal detector is not the right tool to find a wooden cup. We need other tools when exploring nonscientific questions."

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